A Logistics Company with Industry Specific Solutions.

Over the past 20 years, Coldco Logistics has provided logistics solutions to more than 500 local, regional, national, and international customers across various industries.

Our comprehensive 3PL, warehousing, and transportation network allows us to cater to several industries that have very specific temperature requirements when it comes to the storage and transport of their products. We are a logistics company focused on creating efficiencies within our customer’s cold chains in various industries.

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Who We Serve Providing Custom Logistics Services for Various Industries

We provide industry-tailored logistics solutions to customers in various sectors including:

  • Food & Beverage: Utilizing Coldco’s 3PL solutions, warehousing, and transportation networks allows our food & beverage customers to increase focus on their core business of manufacturing and marketing their products. Therefore, as a full-service logistics company, Coldco provides multiple solutions to create efficiencies within food & beverage supply chains.

  • Ingredients: With an increasing consumer focus on ingredients, Coldco realizes the significance of ingredients within the food & beverage supply chain and provides a comprehensive set of services to some of the largest ingredient companies in the world.

  • Agricultural/Agri-Science: As a logistics company in the Midwest, Coldco has a long history of providing solutions to the agricultural industry. From transporting produce coast-to-coast to storing vast quantities of bulk seed, we have dealt with various aspects of the agricultural supply chain.

  • Healthcare/Pharmaceutical: Coldco recognizes the sensitivity of pharmaceutical products and the need for traceability within the pharmaceutical supply chain. We comply with all major regulatory agencies including the FDA for storage and handling of pharmaceutical products.

  • Food Service & Institutional: As an experienced logistics company, we understand the logistical challenges our food service customers face on a daily basis as they serve the public at their locations. With limited on-site storage and personnel, deliveries must be accurate and on time to ensure ample inventory per location on a consistent basis.

  • Retail: The increasingly large number of SKU’s and growing product variety has led to complex supply chains within the retail industry. Coldco provides accurate inventory management and order processing while ensuring product quality to our retail customers. Delivering the correct product in the proper condition at the exact time required is critical to any retailer’s success.

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At Coldco Logistics, we have the experience, resources, and industry expertise to ensure our customer’s temperature sensitive products are transported, stored, handled, and distributed efficiently. Coldco strives to be a premier logistics company offering best-in-class catered solutions to various industries involved in the cold chain.

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