Third Party Logistics

Our third party logistics services and technologies are a cost-effective answer to the complexities of inventory logistics. Benefit from the advantage of sourcing your logistics to the company with the resources and experience to do it right.

Coldco's Logistics Services: Efficient 3PL Solutions

Coldco Logistics’s cold storage warehousing and transportation networks support efficient 3PL solutions to meet our customers’ various supply chain requirements. By handling certain aspects of their supply chain, Coldco’s logistics services allow our customers to focus on the core competencies of their business all while reducing their overall supply chain costs. In addition to reducing overall supply chain costs, our 3PL services save our customers time, provide an extensive network of resources, enhance current operations through Coldco’s cold chain expertise, and offer the flexibility required to deal with fluctuations in supply or demand.

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Our Logistics Services

Our logistics services include the following:

  • Consolidation & Distribution Services

    Coldco’s specialized load consolidation program is designed specifically for retail and foodservice customers dealing with smaller, more frequent orders from food manufacturers. We can consolidate several LTL orders going to the same retailer or food service to lower shipping costs and create more efficient shipping schedules for our customers.

  • Computerized Inventory Management and EDI Capability

    By using EDI for order processing, the error margin is significantly reduced to almost nothing, which allows our customers to make better inventory planning and product forecasting decisions. Coldco’s WMS system recognizes and uses all major EDI codes.

  • Order Fulfillment Solutions

    Coldco has flexible order fulfillment solutions to create efficiencies in your order process. Our WMS system can be synced with all major e-commerce or shopping cart software for online orders. Coldco offers kitting, pick & pack, labeling, and shipping services to send orders out to market in a timely and accurate manner. With Coldco’s central location, we can reach most of the United States using 1, 2, or 3-day ground shipping.

  • Import/Export Services

    Coldco meets all US Import/Export regulatory requirements to transport our customer’s products in and out of the country and/or store imported or exported products in our warehouse facilities.

  • Cross-Docking

    Cross-docking allows products to be immediately shipped by logistics companies with minimal handling. This lessens the time involved to get the product to its end-user, which improves customer satisfaction and is a crucial part of logistics services for perishable and time-sensitive shipments.

  • Reverse Logistics Services

    Return-to-vendor requests and product recall management are very delicate processes that could prove to be quite costly a business if not handled properly. Managing hundreds, even thousands, of returns or recalled products is no small feat, which is why working with an experienced reverse logistics partner is imperative. Through our traceability and inventory management capabilities, we can efficiently process returned or recalled products in order to maintain the positive relationships our customers hold with their consumers or markets and mitigate lost revenue.

How Coldco's Logistics Services Empower Customers: Why You Should Hire a 3PL

  • Reduce Costs and Save Time

    Using a 3PL such as Coldco saves countless hours and can drastically reduce operating costs for our customers. By utilizing our logistics services, customers avoid investments in the warehouse facilities, technology, and personnel necessary to optimize their supply chain. Using our facilities, technology, and staff mitigates risk and lowers supply chain costs creating higher returns for our customers.

  • Benefit from Coldco’s Network

    As an established third-party logistics services provider, Coldco has an expansive network of resources available that many internal supply chain groups lack. Our resource network provides our customers with the most cost-effective, efficient solutions for their supply chains.

  • Discover Value Through Experience

    Our leadership team and staff are comprised of logistics professionals with various supply chain backgrounds. We stay current on all industry developments including best practices, technology, and global competition to ensure our customers receive best-in-class logistics services. Coldco’s experience and comprehensive solutions allow our customers to allocate resources to their core business activities.

  • Achieve Flexibility

    Coldco is capable of scaling our storage, personnel, technology, and transportation solutions to each customer’s specific inventory requirements. We are very familiar with the seasonal nature of certain products and have the capacity to withstand the corresponding fluctuations in supply or demand. Coldco’s resources provide our customers with the flexibility of using different levels of storage or other logistics services when necessary.

Coldco — Your Logistics Services Company

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