Cold Storage & Logistics - Latest 3PL Technology

Coldco utilizes the latest in logistics and warehousing technology to ensure a highly responsive operation for our customers. Our continuous investment in technology provides our customers with the real-time data and traceability they require.

  • Warehouse Management System: Our integrated WMS system has several key features to optimize your services with Coldco including inbound processing, outbound processing, inventory activity reporting, inventory control reporting, invoicing, accounts receivable, and pallet reconciliation capabilities.
  • EDI: Coldco’s WMS system utilizes the following standard EDI sets for order processing: 940, 943, 944, and 945
  • Inventory Management System: Our WMS has the ability to track inventory of customer SKUs on a real time basis. Reporting capabilities for commodity detail activity, lot inventory status, selective lot status, lot purge report, and lot aging on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.
  • Appointment System: Coldco utilizes a web-based appointment scheduling system for accurate and timely appointment scheduling. Our customers have the option to log in to this system and create their own appointments. The system generates confirmation emails and customers are notified of any new appointments or changes to existing appointments.
  • RF Scanning: Coldco has RF scanning capabilities with integration into our WMS system. RF scanning allows for fast and accurate inventory management processes.
  • Wireless Temperature Monitoring System: Coldco utilizes the latest in temperature monitoring technology at our facilities. TempVision software allows us to remotely monitor the temperature in specific rooms 24/7.

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