Coldco Frozen Fulfillment Solutions

Coldco Logistics offers customized solutions to meet your order fulfillment needs. Whether your product has frozen, refrigerated, or ambient requirements Coldco has the facilities, team, and technology to optimize your order fulfillment process. We will store your products at the required temperature then as orders are received they are picked, packed, and shipped according to your specifications. Our warehouse’s central location, temperature-controlled facilities, e-commerce capabilities, and competitive shipping rates make Coldco a great fit for your frozen fulfillment needs.

Ideal Warehouse Network to Optimize Frozen Fulfillment

As a leading central logistics hub, St. Louis can reach 70% of the United States population in 48 hours or less utilizing Ground Service shipping. 105 million tons of cargo passes through the St. Louis area annually between the four major interstates with national access, six Class I railroad terminals, four inland ports, and five airports including two international cargo airports.

1 to 2 day transit times are critical for temperature-controlled and perishible products being shipped direct-to-consumer. Utilizing this network ensures your products will reach your customers in the proper condition and on time. The Coldco warehouse network is an ideal framework for your frozen fulfillment program.


Frozen Fulfillment Expertise

Our staff is well-versed in pick & pack, kitting, case pick, and all inventory management processes. Over the past 25 years, Coldco has encountered a multitude of order fulfillment systems and created efficiencies in customer’s fulfillment processes.  Our staff has the knowledge, resources, and experience to ensure your orders are shipped accurately and on-time. Whether your orders require pick & pack for direct-to-consumer fulfillment or case picking for retail routes, Coldco has the resources to enhance your frozen fulfillment process.

Temperature-Controlled Storage Specialists

Coldco has been in the cold storage business for over 25 years. We are experts in temperature-controlled products and logistics services including frozen fulfillment. Our facilities have multiple temperature zones to accommodate a wide array of products and we fulfill orders in temperature-controlled rooms to ensure your product maintains the required temperature. We also have dry space available to store your packaging and marketing materials associated with orders. Our cold storage facilities and expertise will optimize your frozen fulfillment program ensuring your products reach your customers in the proper condition.

Robust Shipping Network with Competitive Rates

Frozen fulfillment programs require accurate, responsive, and timely shipping to ensure product freshness and end-consumer satisfaction. Coldco Logistics has built a strategic relationship with FedEx, allowing us to provide competitive shipping rates through our established account. Shipping via FedEx Ground® or FedEx Home Delivery®, Coldco Logistics can reach 70% of the US population within 1 to 2 days.

Daily FedEx pickups at Coldco, for both  FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground, allow us to fit your delivery schedule. We have the ability to generate custom shipping labels and packing slips utilizing our Warehouse Management System (WMS) and label printers. Coldco’s WMS is also prewired into the FedEx shipping system providing our customers with real-time shipping information. Coldco’s strategically located facility is minutes away from multiple FedEx facilities to ensure timely and efficient delivery for your frozen fulfillment program.
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Strategic Dry Ice Partnership

Dry ice is a critical component of many direct-to-consumer frozen fulfillment programs as it helps maintain product temperature in transit. Coldco works with a local dry ice manufacturer capable of making custom dry ice products to ensure your product maintains temperature while being delivered to your end consumers. Our dry ice partner has state-of-the-art production equipment at their facility in St. Louis, MO less than 15 minutes from our cold storage facility. This supplier’s proximity and availability are ideal for frozen fulfillment programs as they can make weekly dry ice shipments to meet your schedule.


E-Commerce Integration

Coldco’s WMS system has the ability to integrate with other WMS, ERP, and e-commerce platforms to fulfill orders and track inventory levels. Individual logins provide Coldco customers with 24/7 access to real-time inventory and order data. This integration allows for full transparency, saves time, and creates peace of mind for temperature-controlled order fulfillment operations. Each warehouse in our network is well versed in shipping platforms to access orders and print pickslips/labels. Coldco has the e-commerce integration resources necessary to accommodate any frozen fulfillment program. We have the ability to integrate with the following e-commerce platforms:

St. Louis Frozen Fulfillment Services
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St. Louis Frozen Fulfillment
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Learn More About Our Frozen Fulfillment Solutions

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