Versatile Cold Storage Warehouse Solutions

At Coldco Logistics, we offer multi-temperature warehousing (frozen, refrigerated, and dry/ambient) and distribution solutions for our customers of all sizes in various industries. Our cold storage warehouse facilities are centrally located near St. Louis, Missouri, making them the ideal location for strategic distribution across the nation.

If you are interested in our cold storage warehouse solutions, call us at 618-274-7000 or request a quote for storage or logistics services online, and one of our sales representatives will be in touch.

Our Cold Storage Warehouse Specifications

Coldco’s cold storage warehouse network includes the following capacities:

  • over 9 million cubic feet of muti-temperature space is available over 24,000 pallet positions available
  • an average of 19,000,000 pounds of frozen, refrigerated, and ambient products are kept in our cold storage warehouses daily
  • an average of 21,000,000 pounds are shipped monthly

What You Can Expect from Our Cold Storage Warehouses


  • Temperature-Controlled Storage (-15° F to 70° F): A pre-determined temperature is consistently maintained throughout each of our cold storage facilities in order to ensure that products are held to our customers specifications.
  • Frozen, Refrigerated, & Dry/Ambient Storage Available: Depending on what their storage needs are, our customers have access to store their product in our freezer, cooler, and/or dry storage space.
  • Convertible Space: Different products require different storage temperatures. Our cold storage warehouse facilities are designed to accommodate multiple storage temperature settings and each room is monitored via our web-based temperature monitoring software.
  • USDA Approved Warehouses: Our cold storage warehouse facilities comply with all government and USDA regulations.
  • FDA Food Safety Compliant: As we are a major storage and transportation logistics provider for the food and pharmaceutical industries, we ensure our processes and cold storage warehouse facilities comply with all FDA’s regulations.
  • Fully Integrated Warehouse Management System: Our versatile WMS efficiently controls the movement of goods within our cold storage warehouse – from receiving, storing, and shipping, to order fulfilling and reporting. Every movement is monitored and tracked from the time a product enters and leaves each of our facilities.
  • Racked Facilities: Each facility is fully equipped with racking for safe and secure storage of our customer’s product.
  • Contract Warehousing: For businesses looking to create efficiencies and cost reduction by outsourcing their warehousing functions, contract warehousing is a great option. Contract warehousing allows our customers to focus more on the core competencies of their business.
  • Container Loading/Unloading: For products that are shipped via freight container, Coldco follows best practices to ensure our customer’s goods are properly loaded onto or unloaded from freight containers of all sizes.
  • Case Picking: Coldco offers full case picking services using various methods to ensure reliable and accurate order fulfillment.
  • Repackaging Capabilities: We help you manage all aspects of the retail distribution of goods, including repackaging our customer’s products to create storage and inventory efficiencies.
  • Tempering: Our tempering processes allows our customers to receive their goods at an ideal temperature, and ready for distribution to their markets.
  • Slip Sheeting & Special Handling: In lieu of wooden pallets, we can use slip-sheets, which are recyclable and reduce transportation as well as loading/unloading times.
  • Stretch Wrapping: We offer stretch wrapping services to protect our customer’s products from dust, moisture, damage, and shifting while their goods are in storage or in transit.
  • Labeling: Our labeling processes creates seamless inventory management, allowing us to locate and track product immediately ensuring efficient storage and shipping.
  • Product Protection: We make sure that each product is safe and secure within our premises through our security system, temperature monitoring system, and HACCP program.

Learn More About Our Cold Storage Warehouses

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When our customers trust their goods to our cold storage warehouse network, they gain peace of mind. We make a commitment to each of our customers to provide superior services and to offer an efficient cold storage solution so that our customers can focus on the more important tasks of operating and growing their business. Contact us today at 618-274-7000 to speak with one of our team members or contact us online to learn more about our additional refrigerated transportation and logistics services.